Seeking Community Representatives!

Western North Carolina Diversity Engagement Coalition is looking for Community Representatives to join our coalition and become a member of the steering committee.  This position would require that the applicant attend two lunch meetings (the first and third Thursday - some absences understood). 

Representatives would be expected to:

  • Provide their perspective on challenges and opportunities as a professional working in Western North Carolina
  • Provide input and ideas about Western North Carolina Diversity Engagement Coalition's initiatives
  • Become an ambassador and recruit other businesses, and community members to participate
  • Connect efforts of Western North Carolina Diversity Engagement Coalition to other community efforts and resources
  • Become a full voting member

The term is a one-year, non-renewing term (so that we can get broad community representation and involvement).  You would be one of at least three community representatives on the steering committee.

Interested applicants please submit a one-page letter of interest and indicate how your previous and current experiences/knowledge would allow you to contribute to the group.

Email your letter of interest to

Questions can be addressed to Dr. Joseph Fox at (828) 421-7580.