Western North Carolina Diversity Engagement Coalition (WNC DEC)

September 9, 2015 and March 9, 2016




WNC DEC is inviting proposals from qualified individuals and organizations in Buncombe County who are interested in providing professional services to support diversity and inclusion initiatives between September 9, 2015 and March 9, 2016.


To be considered, complete proposals must be received no later than 4:00 pm on Friday, August 14, 2015 at the following email address: info@wncdec.com. Questions may be directed to the same email address.


Incomplete or late proposals will not be considered.


WNC DEC, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to take the following action with regard to these projects and any proposals it receives:

·         Award a contract for any, all, or none of the identified projects;

·         Select more than one contractor for any or all of the identified projects; and/or

·         Further negotiate terms and conditions with any selected contractor.


WNC DEC Background


Vision: Diversity and inclusion will be a part of the strategic mission for all entities across WNC.

Mission: WNC DEC brings people together to collectively support the professional development, engagement, and inclusion of multicultural people within the member organizations in Western North Carolina. The Diversity Engagement Coalition (DEC) is a network of anchor institutions dedicated to engaging a diverse and inclusive workforce in WNC.

What: Intentional networks of support, development, and practices that increase the diversity of professional and executive talent in WNC and foster work environments that realize the benefit of a fully engaged workforce. These initiatives target strategies that recruit, retain, advance and engage individuals from under represented communities within the coalition. 

Who: With a combined workforce of over 15,000 employees, the following anchor Institutions constitute the founding members. In addition, the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce is a member organization.

·         A-B Tech

·         Asheville Chamber of Commerce

·         Buncombe County Government

·         City of Asheville

·         MAHEC

·         Mission Health

·         UNC Asheville

How: By building connections across agencies, we align our efforts to build a diverse and inclusive workforce, focusing resources on connecting and engaging professionals in ways that enhance opportunities for support, recruitment, training, sponsorship, and advancement.


Timeline Expected: September 9, 2015 through March 9, 2016


Payment Arrangements: End of month following each month that an invoice is submitted and approved. Other payment arrangements will be considered.

Out of pocket expenses that are approved in advance will be reimbursed if included on the invoice for the month in which they are incurred.


Project Information

Proposed contract deliverables:

Networking Events

  • Monthly Social Events:
    • One per month with a focus on:
      • Creating connections [business networking]
      • Building community [family friendly min. 2 per term]
      • Multipurpose: events targeting middle managers [min. 2 per term]
      • Micro-Educational Events – [min. 1 forum per term]
      • Variety – events should be diverse in content and fun [highly engaging].
  • Manage monthly social budget of $200 per event.
  • Secure a minimum of three (3) Event Sponsor’s.
  • Oversee all logistics for event set-up and break-down
  • Though not mandatory, onsite participation at social events is highly encouraged.


Marketing Material Management:

  • Creation and maintenance of marketing kit to include but not limited to:
    • Branded tablecloth
    • Story board
    • Brochures with highlighted success stories and DEC updates/progress
    • Current job postings from member organizations

·         Creation and maintenance of marketing plan to include:

o   Content driven material

o   Images: database

o   Social media cross promotions

o   Update and maintain “distribution list”

§  Collection of names and emails as obtained via socials, events, workshops and new members of DEC.

    • Creation and maintenance of “member POC database” to smoothly facilitate marketing content/materials for community distribution.


  • Monthly Newsletters
    • Create email marketing platform [ie: Constant Contact, MailChimp]
    • Create, distribute and maintain monthly newsletters to be distributed to email marketing list.
      • Highlights of upcoming events
      • Community news
      • Member organization highlight
      • Links to update on articles and/or library on website


  • Video Testimonial:
    • Organize and produce video testimonials on a “as needed basis” [for marketing purposes on organization’s website, email marketing and social media] for:
      • past and present professional development
      • Special Events
      • Special Projects


Management Of Social Media :

  • You Tube Channel – Creation and maintenance of videos

o   -one new Youtube per month: videos can be one of the following in nature/content: testimonial, social/community/or educational highlight

o   -cross promote updated Youtube Channel on all social media platforms and update of website

o   –creation and maintenance of links to be embedded on website


  • Facebook –

-increase of 10 new likes per month

-identify and cross promote content with other "like minded" organizations, community leaders, companies, initiatives via Facebook Pages

-minimum one (1) daily posting of content relevant to one of the following as it relates to diversity and inclusion:

o   community events

o   member highlights

o   ALL DEC events, workshops, and/or socials

o   Any and all articles related to:

o   Professional development

o   Benchmark Highlights for Orgs

o   D&I

  • Twitter:
    • 25% increase of followers
    • Actively cross promote member organizations, audience mentions and DEC updates as needed.


  • Website – Maintenance, content, blogs, articles and/or tips as it relates to D&I:

o   Posting of two [2] article per month with a focus on:

o   workforce development articles/tips

o   professional development

o   community engagement

o   benchmarks for D&I

*The expectation is for guest blogger and/or members of DEC to contribute to this platform.*

o   Website maintenance to include but not limited to:

o   Monitor email correspondence

o   Add resources to Library Section on Website

o   Actively engage community leaders as guest bloggers

o   Update of Calendar of Events/Events Page

o   Maintain website with a focus on increasing traffic by 50%

o   Attend to any/all updates as required for website to function properly

·         Video Testimonial:

o   Organize and produce video testimonials on an “as needed basis” [for marketing purposes on organization’s website, email marketing and social media] re:

§  past and present professional development

§  Special Events

§  Special Projects

o   Update and maintain videos on website and all social media and marketing platforms.




Please complete the following proposal section in its entirety to be considered for the project.


Contact Information 


Contact Person: Insert text here

Business Name, if applicable: Insert text here

Address: Insert text here

Phone: Insert text here

Email Address: Insert text here






Provide samples of your communications work for organizations, including websites, Facebook pages, or other social media posts, blogs, etc. This can include links to these sites with explanations about the content and/or images.

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What is your strategy for managing multiple priorities with various timelines?

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Briefly describe your experience related to this project. This can include both paid and volunteer positions and/or activities.

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Identify academic degrees, related certifications, and other related training that you have received and explain how they would support your success on this project.

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Provide three professional references who have direct knowledge of your expertise and experience related to this project. For each reference, identify name, title, organization, relationship to you, phone, and email address.

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Identify the hourly fee and describe any applicable packages that you offer with associated pricing. If you have a proposed, not-to-exceed budget for this project, include that as well. Additional explanations may be included.

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