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The Art of Seizing The Day: Creating Balance in One's Life

  • Nature Center 72 Gashes Creek Road Asheville. NC (map)

Are you an 'ouch' looking for a hurt?

To be successful at "seizing the day" you must learn to steal, swear, gamble, drink and lie!

We are authors of our own experience.
Ownership requires us to create an authentic life and to stop
postponing joy. What promises are you willing to keep? Would
others say you are interested or interesting? How does a lack of
gratitude affect your attitude? !
What questions do you need to ask of yourself? Questions can be
more transformative than the answers!

Steal time for yourself daily. You cannot be good for anyone else until you are
good for yourself. We all claim there are not enough hours in the day, yet we all
get 168 hours per week. What do you choose to do with those hours? When
was the last time you examined your time - where you spend it and how you use
it? What could better use of your time mean for your well being? !
Swear you’ll do your best, be your best so others experience your best. Keep
your promises. Walk your talk. When you fall, get up and try again. No one is
immune from pain and failure. Best selling author, Peter Senge, The Fifth
Discipline, says the only learning disability is not learning from our mistakes.
Failure is an opportunity to learn, not a condition to hold us back. What have
you learned from your mistakes and failures to help you move forward and
grow? How could learning from your mistakes create a better life? !
Getting out of one’s comfort zone into one’s learning zone is where we grow.
What does it take to move you out of your comfort zone? What does it take for
you to become vulnerable? What price are you willing to pay? What have you
done to contribute to the very thing you complain about or want to change?
What could getting out of your comfort zone mean for your personal growth? !
Drink in relationships. A nail factory needs a hammer factory. A pianist needs a
piano tuner. How is your success related to others? Are you a giver or a
grabber? Meaningful, helpful, servant relationships are like gold! What are you
doing to create and nurture your relationships? What could better relationships
mean for the ! quality of your life?
When you lie down at night, give thanks for your blessings. We live in a
consumption society in which our continued happiness is obtaining and getting.
What do you really need versus your want? What is your gratitude factor? What
‘gifts’ have you received from others? What ‘gift’ are you withholding? What
could your gratitude affect you attitude and lead to better living?

For more information, contact

David Carr
City of Asheville
Human Resources
(828) 259-5682