WNC Diversity Engagement Coalition is a network of organizations dedicated to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion.  The WNC Diversity Engagement Coalition brings people together to collectively support the professional development, engagement, and inclusion of multicultural people within the member organizations in western North Carolina and to serve as a resource for organizations around best policy and practice regarding equity in the workplace.

Membership Benefits

  • Collaborate and share best practices with organizations in Western North Carolina committed to Diversity and Inclusion.

  • Receive one (1) on-site session related to Workplace Diversity and Inclusion (up to 2 hours) at no cost.

  • Enroll your employees at no cost or discounted rates in professional development courses sponsored by the WNC Diversity Engagement Coalition, including sessions for individuals seeking career growth and advancement, mentoring, and best practices for human resources professionals.

  • Connect to resources to contract for additional programs on Diversity and Inclusion.

  • Participate in professional networking/social events.

  • Receive a monthly WNC Diversity Engagement Coalition e-newsletter.

  • Be identified on the WNC Diversity Engagement Coalition website and social media as a member organization.

  • Place your website link to job vacancies on the WNC Diversity Engagement Coalition website.

  • Training for the self-implementation and use of the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarking / Assessment of Diversity and Inclusiveness Initiatives.

  • Participate in annual Diversity and Inclusion events.

  • Eligible to serve on the Steering Committee as a member organization representative.

  • NEW! Employees of member organizations are eligible to apply for limited scholarship funding for diversity, equity or inclusion programming, events or trainings.

Membership Meetings

Our quarterly membership meetings are open to the designated representatives and their designees of our member organizations for the purpose of networking, collaborating, training, sharing best practices, promoting upcoming professional development programs, and providing input into the work of the Coalition.

Membership Expectations

  • Actively demonstrate your commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

  • Participate in WNC Diversity Engagement Coalition events, including the opportunity to present at professional development programs.

  • Designate a key representative to participate in meetings, trainings and events.

  • Designate a public relations/communications contact to receive communications and share information within and about your organization.

  • Annually provide demographic data to be compiled with all member organizations into annual report to demonstrate WNC Diversity Engagement Coalition’s impact in our community.

  • Active use of Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarking / Assessment of Diversity and Inclusiveness materials.

The annual financial investment is based on the member organization’s number of employees:

  • 1 - 99 Employees - $ 750  

  • 100 - 299 Employees - $1,500  

  • 300+ Employees - $3,000  

A list of current members is available, here.



Our sponsors support our mission and contribute to our community impact in a variety of ways. Opportunities include hosting community events, providing meals or refreshments at professional development programs, and sponsoring keynote speakers.

As a sponsor, your organization’s name is listed on the WNC Diversity Engagement Coalition website with your logo, mission statement, and statement of why Diversity and Inclusion is important to you.  The same information is visible at events that you sponsor for the WNC Diversity Engagement Coalition.

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