OVERVIEW | Western North Carolina Diversity Engagement Coalition (WNC DEC)

WNC Diversity Engagement Coalition brings together partner companies to help create a more diverse workforce in Western North Carolina. We believe that a community is based on culture. The Coalition addresses the needs of the community by looking at professional development in a holistic way. WNC Diversity Engagement Coalition invites businesses to adopt best practices for a diverse workforce and provides resources and articles for those businesses. The Asheville community and Western North Carolina offer many arts and cultural experiences. We will be adding relevant information and hosting events for the community. 


WNC Diversity Engagement Coalition vision is to create connections, build capacity and promote diverse professionals.


WNC Diversity Engagement Coalition is a network of organizations dedicated to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion.  The WNC Diversity Engagement Coalition brings people together to collectively support the professional development, engagement, and inclusion of multicultural people within the member organizations in Western North Carolina and to serve as a resource for organizations around best policy and practice regarding equity in the workplace.


To achieve its mission, the WNC Diversity Engagement Coalition is committed to:

  • Building capacity for multicultural individuals - personally + professionally through intentional networks of referral and support.

  • Increasing opportunities for diverse individuals seeking employment, promotion, and advancement in Western North Carolina.

  • Removing barriers to hiring and advancement for diverse individuals.

  • Promoting diversity throughout the community through strategic outreach and organizational assessment.

  • Expanding the number of workplaces in Western North Carolina that are genuinely inclusive: where all employees feel welcome, included, engaged, and valued for the contributions they make because of the different perspectives they bring.